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Brooklyn Teeth Bonding

Bonding is used as a dental treatment if a tooth is cracked, chipped, discolored or not in the right position. This cosmetic and restorative procedure is a great way to change the contour, color, shape and position of a tooth, enhancing the overall appearance of your smile.

   Brooklyn Teeth Bonding

It's important to have a consultation and evaluation with Dr. Teichman and his staff to determine if you are a candidate for cosmetic and restorative bonding. Bonding treatment can usually be completed in one visit and will significantly improve the appearance of the tooth. The treatment usually lasts three to five years before repair or replacement is necessary.

   Other Benefits of Teeth Bonding
Bonding is often helpful in repairing stains caused by antibiotic use or white spots. It is also helpful in repairing grooves in the teeth, or unnatural spacing from tooth shifting or periodontal disease.


Woman Smiling - Dental Bonding NYC
Schedule an appointment with Park Slope Dentistry to learn if you are a candidate for cosmetic teeth bonding. We proudly serve the communities of Brooklyn, New York City, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Prospect Heights, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, DUMBO, Fort Greene, Kensington, Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights and Sunset Park.