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Brooklyn Dental Onlays

Porcelain onlays are similar to porcelain inlays, but work as a larger filling. Where porcelain inlays cover the center of the tooth, porcelain onlays reach further onto the cusps (points) of the tooth, covering the entire biting surface.

Man Smiling - Brooklyn Dental Onlays

  Brooklyn Dental Onlays

Like porcelain inlays, porcelain onlays can be created from tooth-colored material, making them virtually undetectable to the naked eye. Porcelain onlays also help to conserve more tooth structure because their use requires minimal removal of a tooth’s surface. Perhaps their most important benefit, however, is that, in saving damaged teeth, porcelain onlays help patients avoid the eventual need for more extensive treatment with dental crowns, dental bridges, or dental implants.

   Benefits of Porcelain Onlays

The benefits of porcelain onlays are similar to those of porcelain inlays. The use of porcelain onlays requires less tooth reduction than does the use of metal fillings. This allows dentists to conserve more of a patient's natural tooth structure in the treatment process. Because of the way porcelain onlays are made, they help to strengthen teeth. The durable material from which porcelain onlays are made helps them last many years, much longer than that of conventional fillings.


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